Are You Neglecting Your Most Important Asset?

Talented people, well led, are what make agencies successful. They are the great differentiator.

Yet too often their interests play second fiddle to the incessant demands of clients, business development and just plain running the business.

Are You Marketing Through the Rearview Mirror?

Numbers based marketing is becoming a rallying cry among many marketers. In this environment, what role should intuition play? Is intuitive thinking becoming irrelevant?

Here are some thoughts on effectively balancing numbers and intuition.

Is Merger a Four-Letter Word?

Agency M&A is coming back into vogue. Yet the odds of a successful merger or acquisition are not very good. Too many lead to unhappy outcomes.

If you are considering a merger or acquisition, or anticipate one in the future, this talk can help you improve the odds.

Who‘s Going to Do the Work?

After the recent years of having more agency people than the industry could support we now face an agency talent shortage. This remarkable turn-around will force big changes in agency staffing strategies.

Here’s what you can do today to prepare for this.

The Evolving Role of Account Service

It’s not easy being in account service. Historical responsibilities have been whittled away. And, for many, the road ahead looks bleak. But it doesn’t have to be.

Here is a formula for a bright account service future.

How the Changing Consumer is Changing Agencies

When Advertising Age introduced their new online newsletter, Madison+Vine, it addressed the entire spectrum of marketing communications and entertainment.

Here are the implications we see in this for agencies

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