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Why Ambiguity is Your Friend

Conventional wisdom teaches us to avoid ambiguity. Clarity of facts and process are highly valued, particularly by young agency people. Yet we know that ambiguity can be a stimulus to creative thinking.

Here are some thoughts on how ambiguity can work for your agency.

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Meet Mike Carlton
Mike is a life-long advertising agency guy. He's passionate about the business. His father was an agency guy, too. One son is an agency account planner who now leads a marketing consulting firm. Another son provided marketing automation services to agencies. And a daughter spent a stint in agency life, too. More

What We Do
We improve the business of advertising agencies. Our job is to help agencies become more successful in their marketplace, more profitable, and more fun. There are three secrets in the process. First is understanding the life satisfaction issues of the principals. The second is the business model of the agency. And, the third is how well the business model is implemented. Here’s a closer look at how it all works.More

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